Saturday, May 9, 2015

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens in the Spring

I have been meaning to go the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for a couple of weeks because I wanted to see the Cherry Blossoms in bloom. 

 I haven't to the gardens in a couple of years and I really need to rectify that and at least come every couple of months in the Spring/Summer and see it in the Fall as well. 

A wedding was taking place while we were at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and it is a beautiful backdrop besides all the random people watching your wedding. I think this is a gorgeous place for a wedding or engagement pictures. 

I really thought these tulips were beautiful. They look they were painted because of the two tone colors of the flower. 

 This is the vegetable garden, which I think is awesome! I wish I could have one and have it look this pretty and usable. 
 Bigger view of the vegetable garden. 

 Tulips for days!

A lot of the flowers were purple my favorite color! These dark purple ones were called Queen of Night. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Staycation in Utah - The Grand America

While I was in Utah I decided very last minute to have a little staycation for a night at The Grand America hotel in Salt Lake City, UT. I would love to have the money to stay at more fancy hotels in New York, but that just isn't going to be happening too often because they cost a fortune!

Front of the hotel. 

 Lots of chandeliers, which are stunning and when I think of anything grand I think of chandeliers and spiral staircases. 

The inside of the hotel reminds me of something from the 1920's even though I know nothing about that decade this is what comes to mind when I think of it. The dark wood on the walls nothing like they did in the 70's and the gorgeous floors with the large dark furniture. 

The lobby of the hotel. 

I decided to get a Suite impulsively because it wasn't that much more than a room for the night and I certainly would never be able to afford a suite in New York. Right when you walk in there is an hallway that leads into the sitting area. 

This is the sitting area. We were only there for a night, but I was with my mom, aunt and my sister and we spent most of our short stay in this room chatting. It was nice because instead of sitting on the beds to talk or do anything you had actual seats. 

The beds were nice and the pillows actually had fluff in them! I have noticed that at hotels they really skimp on pillows and most of them have nothing in them, so it was nice to be able to use one pillow instead of 2 or 3 like I end up having to do. The decor is not gaudy or overly done. It is just simple and certainly not modern, but still comfortable. 

This room is adjacent to the bedroom and has a vanity on the right, which is nice when you have four women getting ready and on the left side is a closet.  

Vanity area.

The bathroom is the BOMB.COM especially after staying in a hotel in New York where the bathrooms are known for being TINY! You could practically just live in the bathroom if you wanted and if we had more time there I would certainly be indulging in the bath tub!

So pretty. I wish I could keep my bathroom this clean and perfect and it is white as well. I guess I need to get a maid to achieve that. 

View of the sitting room from the bedroom area. 

This was our view from the Suite, which wasn't bad. I think it would be pretty in the Spring when everything isn't dead, but it was still pretty now with the snow and at least it was quiet.

Doors separating the bedroom and the sitting room. 

They have this yummy dessert place in the hotel! So good the gelato was really good. It also is really cute inside and I love how colorful it is. 

We went right after Christmas, so they still had the Gingerbread House up and it is huge! It took over 10 bakers to make this and it looks really cool. The inside of it is also decorated. If I had to make this it would certainly take me another year before I could look at gingerbread again. 

Overall, I loved my stay and I can't wait to do another staycation in Utah because sometimes you need a little vacation from the vacation.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Asheville, NC - Biltmore Estate

 This is my second time going to North Carolina and let me just say North Carolina and Vermont are pretty much my favorite places on the East Coast. They are gorgeous! I would totally live in NC if it wasn't so humid (it's bad). I don't think I will ever get use to humidity! I tried to take pictures of the gorgeous scenery, but I was too busy looking at it! I know not normal for me, but can you blame me!

 We drove from Tennessee to North Carolina and the route we took was so picturesque. I guess this area is known as the smoky mountains and for a reason! It looks like we are in the clouds. There was so much fog, but it was such a cool effect. 

 We woke up really early and we got there right when they opened at 9am. I wanted to make sure we got our money's worth and we were one of the first ones on the grounds, so there was no one around!

 Love the symmetry of everything here. 

 View of the Biltmore Estate! Built in 1895 with 179,000 sq. ft. and 250 rooms. If you know me I am obsessed with large opulent totally ridiculous houses. This one certainly fits the bill and temporarily eased my craving for Europe. 

 I have wanted to go to the Biltmore Estate for a really long time. It is one of the Vanderbilts houses and the only house of the Vanderbilts that is still privately owned. All the rest of the them are now in the hands of trusts. 

 This place is huge! You can't take pictures inside, but it is gorgeous and has a really homey feel (who knew that was possible in such a huge place). There are 33 guest bedrooms. Who even knows that many people you would want to invite over?

The estate is on 8,000 acres and they sure are gorgeous! The guy who landscaped the area was the one who landscaped Central Park, which I thought was interesting. 

 Loved the gardens. While everyone was going to the house right when it opened we toured the gardens because it was hot and I knew it would just get hotter as the day went on. 

 Doesn't this look like a Mandrake from Harry Potter! I loved it and of course made me want to watch the HP movies. 

 This part creeped me out a lot. They look like statues of squirrels. I just stared at them and tried to understand how this was possible. They still freak me out!

 I mean seriously. I am in love! I want a house like this :D

View from the deck of the backyard...