Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Brittnee and I decided to tackle Costco this week because we were invited to Thanksgiving and we had to bringwe needed to bring fruit and veggies. I have been procrastinating this trip for quite some time because I knew it would be very time consuming and I was right. We made a trek to Costco and by trek we walked, took the bus there, and took a cab home because we had so much crap we couldn't hold it all with our short little arms. Living here you really do learn to appreciate the convenience of a car, but I am thankful that NYC does have other modes of transportation.

For Thanksgiving Brittnee and I headed down to 23rd Street (very far away from our apartment). We were invited by a girl in our ward. We thought it was going to be a pretty casual dinner, but the girls that hosted went all out and I am truly grateful for that. It was nice to sit down for a nice dinner with genuinely friendly people. There was 16 of us invited and none of us really knew each other which was great.

Some of the highlights were that one of the guys there who is going to school in Boston his sister went to high school with me and she is serving her mission in Canada small world! Miss New York was also a guest at dinner. She is very pretty in person even more so than in photos. She told us a hilarious story about her crashing the Macy's Day Parade and getting kicked off the float with just 5 blocks to go till it ended. I found this video of her. I wish I would of taken a picture at dinner of everyone that was there!