Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hockey - New Jersey Devils

I went to my first HOCKEY GAME!   I have wanted to go for awhile, but never got around to it so I was really excited to finally go.  

 The game was in Jersey so we were at the Devils stadium and the Devils lost by one in overtime. I actually stayed for the whole game and really enjoyed it.  That is a first for me. 

 A fight in the first ten minutes.  I am not sure what it was about because I was talking and didn't catch what was going on but they fought for awhile while the referees just watched and then when they got bored with it they took them off each other. 

Zamboni time!!!!!

 So much red for the New Jersey Devils.  I have never seen so many jerseys at a sports game before I couldn't believe how many people had them. Jersey people are really hard core fans and very fun to be with. 

 When we got to the game and tried to find our seats we couldn't find them and asked one of the workers where we should go and she told us we were in a Suite!!!! It was awesome what great luck.  The seats were really comfortable and we had a great view of the game. 

The suite we were in. 

 Hockey games have cheerleaders. I know who knew. 

  Ice cream and icee together a very different combination, but really good. 

 Love suite seats!