Saturday, May 19, 2012

Farewell Dinner

For Brittnee's farewell dinner I got some friends together and we went to dinner in Little Italy.  I am so grateful that so many people were able to make it and we were able to be seated fairly close to each other. 

Brittnee has wanted to Rice to Riches since we first moved to NYC.  We were walking around randomly one day and this place caught her eye, but she didn't go in why I am not sure, but it is a good thing because she would have become addicted to it and would have wanted to come all the time.  

 Abby and I shared because this bowl is bigger than it looks.  They need something smaller because we got mango and boy was it a lot of food and very sweet. There is a lot of interesting flavors and I don't know how people can eat a lot of this.  Kind of reminds me of baby food. 

 I thought them all together was a Kodak moment so I got out my camera and this is what I got no joke...Where is the Love? 

This is all of them acting like they enjoy me taking pictures when I tell them they better smile!!

I honestly can't believe it has been a year and a half.  I especially feel like the last six months have gone by way too quickly.  I hope she comes back to visit, because I am sure she still has a lot more to do on her list and who can resist this city??  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Peter and the Star Catcher

Peter and the Star Catcher is based off of a children's book that Brittnee likes and she wanted to see if before she left.  I thought it would be interesting (who doesn't love Peter Pan) and so we both went and were able to get lottery tickets (a miracle) and on a Saturday no less!  The show was in previews when we saw it and now with a couple Tony nods I am sure it would have been a lot harder to see it if we had procrastinated. 

While we were waiting in line for lottery tickets this guy just walks leisurely by.  I wish I got a better picture of his shoes because they were at least four inch platforms. Kind of looks like a retro pirate.  I guess that is fitting for the show we were about to see. 

There was only twelve people (give or take) and one girl (wish I was her) in the cast and most played more than one character.  It is more of a play than a musical which I liked.  The script was amazing and just don't know how people come up with this stuff.  My jaw hurt from laughing so much and my allergies were killing me while I watched the show so my eyes were drowning in eye drops already or they would have been wet from laughter. 

Seriously the best part of the whole show.  I think I was speechless (and the audience as well) when these guys came out.  I give them 110% for creativity in what the mermaid outfits were made from.  Let's just say lots of kitchen items were used and it was hysterical.  Grown men as mermaids can't beat that.

The next best part of the show was Hook aka Black Stache (Christian Borle) his performance better win him a TONY because he made the show they couldn't have picked anyone more perfect.  We were 
so close to the stage that we could see all of his expressions and he was into character the whole time even though I am sure sometimes he just wanted to bust out in laughter at the things that 
were going on around him.  

Really enjoyed the simplicity of the set and it really fit in with the whole show.  I had no expectations for this show and really didn't know what it was about going into it besides the fact that it was how Peter became Peter Pan.  It is based off of a children's book, but I would say the show is more for adults who love a good CLEAN laugh.  There was a ten year old kid behind me and I could tell he was confused at times by what was going on not because it is difficult to understand the story just moves quickly and you have to keep on your toes.  I seriously want to go again and that is saying a lot because I hate seeing things twice. Look how good our seats were can't beat it! 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yankee Game

 Brittnee is not a fan of the Yankees, but you can't live in NY and not go to a game even if you don't like them so I dragged her to one.  You just need to go to see the stadium they have made it look like Colosseum and it is massive. A total waste of money in my opinion, but at least the Yankees do well and can afford this stadium unlike most teams. 

 It was suppose to rain while we were at the game and I am glad that it didn't that would not have been fun.
Game is about to start!  We left after the seventh inning because the game was snooooze. Seriously that is one problem with baseball too long and the Yankees scored in the first inning and then nothing......... after that the Rays got 3 or 4 home runs after we left. Seriously!

 Why are all these people looking ridiculous you ask!?! Well...

 They are trying to get on the big screen because the game was so boring they needed to do something to keep themselves entertained.

The Rays also have a lot of cute players! Anyone want to go to Florida to look at the scenery :)