Friday, March 23, 2012

My girls

I got to go see my nanny girls on St. Patrick's Day. Maddie made this cute sign for me.
  Kayla and her parents were going to a Bar Mitzvah that was in the city and I got to watch Maddie while they partied.

 Kayla and her friends getting ready and I know they certainly don't look like 13 year olds!!
 I started watching Kayla when she was 11 and I knew she would turn into a beautiful girl, but I wish her getting older didn't mean I was as well!!
 Maddie and I got to spend some time together and I asked her where she wanted to go for dinner before we had to take her sister Liv to her friend's house for a party.  Guess what place she picked to go.... McDonald's. I asked her why? Her simple response their fries are good.  

 For a year I nannied her and we didn't go to McDonald's once and now twice when I have watched her we have gone to McDonald's as our dinner date.  Next time I watch her hopefully I will be able to persuade her to go somewhere else. :)

Mad's and I had lots of funny dancing with the XBOX, going on a walk, and playing brite light which I haven't done in years! This was our wonderful masterpiece and honestly I am sort of confused on what it is.

 We have a purple and pink shark with something coming out of the top of it.

Kayla's birthday was the next day so Mad's and I did an art project for her. 
Mad's and I getting ready to paint our rocks.  We went on a walk because it was such a gorgeous day and found these rocks and we though they looked like eggs so we decided to paint them. 

 Mine of course is the purple one and mads made an egg with a shamrock because it was St. Patrick's and gave it to Kay for her birthday because she loves green.
Liv and her friends went to a St. Patrick's day party and I got to take them which was a fun experience and reminded me of the good old days when I was their taxi driver and I spent half my day driving these girls around.  They got a new car with a new GPS that doesn't work like the old one and it was an experience with Live and I trying to figure it out so we could get her and her friends to the party.  Sometimes I don't miss driving!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Metropolitan Museum of Art

I went to the MET because I haven't been since I first got here a couple of years ago and so this was long overdue. I love this place.  It reminds me of a castle and has so much history inside of it.

The Egyptian part of the museum is one of my favorites.  They have so much stuff it is amazing! I just sat by the water for a couple of minutes and enjoyed the gorgeous view.

Gorgeous Faberge Eggs

 Modern art area had the blue chair and is probably one of my least favorite parts.  I will never understand modern art and they had a purple and pink Dyson vacuum on display need I say more.  The picture on the top right is a painting about the seven deadly sins and gave them a twist.  This picture is of jealously.  I guess it is showing how jealously can eat away at us or something?  I am not good at interpreting art, but this was my favorite painting from that collection.  I don't know why it just was.  Not sure what the picture of the rail thin people is about, but I liked it anyway.

BLUE, BLUE and MORE BLUE.  I swear that is the only color that people used when decorating even now.  I guess it is timeless and I will never be able to get away from it, so I need to get over my aversion to it.  Maybe one day.
I saw this when I was leaving and I LOVE IT because it is so true!

 Salvador Dali - The Ear Of The Sistine Madonna, 1958
I have always loved Salvador Dali's work and this is one of my new favorites of his.  I love how he uses circles like he did in the Galatea of the Spheres which is another I love.