Sunday, October 30, 2011

The world must be coming to an end... Part 2

 This is the third time it has snowed in Oct. in 135 YEARS in NY!  The last time was in 1925...  The world must be coming to an end because I did not move to NYC for it to snow in Oct. that is what Utah does.  I like it here when it only snows for three months and I don't have to drive around in it.  I just hope that NY has it out of its system and it won't be snowing for a couple more month than it can come because I will be expecting it then. 

 I had to go to the post office to pick up a package from my MOMMY! It is only 12 blocks away so I usually would walk, snowing I took the lazy way out and took the train. 

I walked for five blocks to and from the post office.  I didn't have a dry spot on me when I got home. 

 This was what the snow looked like at 12AM and it lasted the ENTIRE DAY...

 This is the cute card my mommy got me! It was worth the trek through the snow.

This is what it looked like Sunday morning.  Can't even tell we had a snow storm!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Brittnee and I went to a little Halloween party on the day that NYC decided to snow the ENTIRE day.  Getting to the party was fun in the snow.  We had to walk eight blocks because the train didn't have power and was closed that was fun :)

We are Who's from the Grinch/Christmas or whatever else you can think of when you see us.  We were inspired by the snow.
I don't really like Halloween...this is probably the first time in ten years I have actually dressed up (and I wouldn't call this dressing up just accessorizing) but my necklace is awesome and lights up!

One of the different things about the city and Halloween is that kids don't come to your door for candy.  Kids go to the stores that line the street for candy.  Not sure why they do it besides it being safer than going door to door here and meeting some crazies, but crazies could be anywhere and not just in their apartment...

Brittnee made pumpkin cookies and they were sooo yummy!

We watched The Nightmare Before Christmas and I really haven't seen that show in a really long time because I have totally forgotten most of it.  I don't know why people let their kids watch this show it is very disturbing.
Lovely snow while we are waiting for the bus!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens


I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden! It was a lot of fun.  I know that it is fall and I wasn't expecting to see many flowers or any for that matter, but living in the city I don't see a enough greenery.  It was wonderful and so relaxing.  I can't wait to go in the spring.  I loved the little turtles they looked like little statues. 

It is free before twelve on Saturdays and we made it just in the nick of time with only four minutes to spare.

 I love fountains.

 How cool is this.  How does it twist like that it is awesome.

It is like an upside down birds nest.
 One of my favorite parts was the desert garden that was inclosed.  I sure do miss dry air it felt like I was home in Utah.

 I saw this guy painting and I watched him for awhile.  He was painting this landscape.  If I could paint I think that this place would have been a great place to get inspiration. 

 Look at this huge prey mantis!

 Tropical part of the inclosed garden it was so humid.  I am glad the Summer is over!

Me and my girls! How cool is this tree it would be a awesome place for a tree house.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Broadway - Billy Elliot

 I went and saw Billy Elliot! I have wanted to see this show for quite awhile, but I was a little afraid because I heard the language was really bad so I have waited until now to see it.  The language wasn't as bad as I was thinking it was going to be and I am glad I didn't miss out on seeing this amazing show!

I really didn't know what Billy Elliot was about I just knew it had dancing and that is what I came to see which I enjoyed.

It is based on the 1984 strike against the Thatcher closure of British coal mines,  Billy's father and brother are participating in the strike and Billy is pretty much left to his own devices.  His father does make him go to boxing classes which he isn't good at and ends up taking ballet classes without his father knowing.  His ballet teacher gets him an audition to the Royal Ballet School and it goes on to show how his father learns about it. 

Dancing dresses... I felt like it was Mary Poppins all over again with the dancing toys.  Michael though one of the little boys in the play that likes to dress up in his mother's dresses was hilarious!

Best part of the play in my opinion lots of dancing and I just loved it!  I am very impressed by the kids that do this show.  There is four boys and they trade days that they work because they are so young two are 11 and two are 13.  What dedication it must take to do this at such a young age the kids are very well behaved and seem to enjoy it.  I hope they don't take for granted the amazing opportunity they have been given.  

One of the Billy's is from Utah! How cool is that and stressful.  His poor parents to have such a talented child I am sure one of them had to move here to stay with him, but it would be such a great opportunity.

All of the little girls that are in the dance class that Billy attends dressed up as well as the men... Yes they wore the skirts/tutu's as well.  Let's just say there is cross dressing from the males young and old.  Great show!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Doughnut Plant

 While I was downtown I took a picture of the Flatiron building.  I love this building it is so interesting looking, but I don't know if I would want to work in it.

  I have wanted to go to the Doughnut Plant for almost seven months.  Why I haven't just made the trip downtown or on my way home from work before now I don't know, but I finally went. 
My friend Abby and I went together and we each got two donuts so that we could taste test as many as we could.

It is a very small store and very simple, but right when you walk in the only thing on your mind is donuts and the cute pillow don't help.  I am just glad we didn't have to wait in line very long.  

The cool thing about this place is that they close when they are out of donuts.  I wouldn't want to work here on a slow day!
 Cute Abby!  It was her 26th birthday this week so these donuts were part of the celebration.
I got the Cinnamon Sugar and the Coconut Creme and Abby got Pistachio and Raspberry.  They were all delicious and I mean really yummy I will certainly be going back especially for the Coconut Creme one of the best donuts I have ever had!  If you go there take friends so you can all get something different and try everyone's.