Saturday, October 29, 2011


Brittnee and I went to a little Halloween party on the day that NYC decided to snow the ENTIRE day.  Getting to the party was fun in the snow.  We had to walk eight blocks because the train didn't have power and was closed that was fun :)

We are Who's from the Grinch/Christmas or whatever else you can think of when you see us.  We were inspired by the snow.
I don't really like Halloween...this is probably the first time in ten years I have actually dressed up (and I wouldn't call this dressing up just accessorizing) but my necklace is awesome and lights up!

One of the different things about the city and Halloween is that kids don't come to your door for candy.  Kids go to the stores that line the street for candy.  Not sure why they do it besides it being safer than going door to door here and meeting some crazies, but crazies could be anywhere and not just in their apartment...

Brittnee made pumpkin cookies and they were sooo yummy!

We watched The Nightmare Before Christmas and I really haven't seen that show in a really long time because I have totally forgotten most of it.  I don't know why people let their kids watch this show it is very disturbing.
Lovely snow while we are waiting for the bus!

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