Sunday, October 23, 2011

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens


I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden! It was a lot of fun.  I know that it is fall and I wasn't expecting to see many flowers or any for that matter, but living in the city I don't see a enough greenery.  It was wonderful and so relaxing.  I can't wait to go in the spring.  I loved the little turtles they looked like little statues. 

It is free before twelve on Saturdays and we made it just in the nick of time with only four minutes to spare.

 I love fountains.

 How cool is this.  How does it twist like that it is awesome.

It is like an upside down birds nest.
 One of my favorite parts was the desert garden that was inclosed.  I sure do miss dry air it felt like I was home in Utah.

 I saw this guy painting and I watched him for awhile.  He was painting this landscape.  If I could paint I think that this place would have been a great place to get inspiration. 

 Look at this huge prey mantis!

 Tropical part of the inclosed garden it was so humid.  I am glad the Summer is over!

Me and my girls! How cool is this tree it would be a awesome place for a tree house.


Sherrie said...

It looks so beautiful there. Glad I ran across your blog!

Jess said...

What fun, and these are gorgeous pictures, keep up the good work!