Friday, October 14, 2011

Broadway - Billy Elliot

 I went and saw Billy Elliot! I have wanted to see this show for quite awhile, but I was a little afraid because I heard the language was really bad so I have waited until now to see it.  The language wasn't as bad as I was thinking it was going to be and I am glad I didn't miss out on seeing this amazing show!

I really didn't know what Billy Elliot was about I just knew it had dancing and that is what I came to see which I enjoyed.

It is based on the 1984 strike against the Thatcher closure of British coal mines,  Billy's father and brother are participating in the strike and Billy is pretty much left to his own devices.  His father does make him go to boxing classes which he isn't good at and ends up taking ballet classes without his father knowing.  His ballet teacher gets him an audition to the Royal Ballet School and it goes on to show how his father learns about it. 

Dancing dresses... I felt like it was Mary Poppins all over again with the dancing toys.  Michael though one of the little boys in the play that likes to dress up in his mother's dresses was hilarious!

Best part of the play in my opinion lots of dancing and I just loved it!  I am very impressed by the kids that do this show.  There is four boys and they trade days that they work because they are so young two are 11 and two are 13.  What dedication it must take to do this at such a young age the kids are very well behaved and seem to enjoy it.  I hope they don't take for granted the amazing opportunity they have been given.  

One of the Billy's is from Utah! How cool is that and stressful.  His poor parents to have such a talented child I am sure one of them had to move here to stay with him, but it would be such a great opportunity.

All of the little girls that are in the dance class that Billy attends dressed up as well as the men... Yes they wore the skirts/tutu's as well.  Let's just say there is cross dressing from the males young and old.  Great show!

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