Monday, June 4, 2012

Fleet Week

 In NYC they have fleet week during the Memorial Day holiday.  I didn't even realize it was going on until it was almost over, so next year I will have to be more on the ball so I can see more of the ships. Ships from all over the world come to visit NYC and give tours of the ships while they are in port.  We went to the pier in Brooklyn had seven ships, but we only went on three.

 UK Argus - floating hospital- hottest guys
 It was MASSIVE!!


 These lifeboats can hold up to fifty people.  This is what the Titanic needed!
 Captain's Chair they let you sit on it if you wanted. It doesn't look very comfortable. I would at least need armrests!
 This is where they put the patients.  They have enough beds for 200 people, but they said they rarely if ever need that much.

 Creepy breathing fake patient.  I guess I would rather have them practice on this than on me to make sure they are doing everything right. 
 This ship use to be a container ship and I am assuming this is where they put everything.  I just can't get over how big this sucker was.  I wanted to see the crew's quarters I think that would have been interesting.
 MEXICO - coolest thing I have seen in a long time
 What a awesome gun! It is so shiny.
 CANADA - they had the friendliest people on their ship

It was BLAZING hot or we would have gone to see more of the ships.  I haven't been that hot in a long time.  I feel like this heat is just the beginning of a long summer ahead of us.  I got burnt of course and looked like a red lobster when will I ever learn.  I did put sunscreen on my face though so I am slowly learning.  None of us realized how hot it was going to be and we were outside for a long time without any protection from the sun.  

I can't wait to go next year and I will have to be more on the look out for the sailor's that swarm the city during this time.