Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ice Skating in Central Park

          It finally snowed!!! I know who would have thought I would ever say that. This is the first time that I can remember that it actually snowed in NY since the freak storm we had on Halloween.  Last week I went ice skating for a church activity.  It snowed  during the night and in the morning and most of the streets were pretty much deserted most of the day. 

          Of course right when we got there and were ready to go on the ice the Zamboni came out to clean the ice.  After it was done it was skating time!!! I haven't been skating in a couple of years and it took me a couple of laps to get my groove on, but I was able to do it! Just like riding a bike you don't really forget.

 Waiting for the Zamboni to get done so we can ice skate!
My lovely plastic blue skates.  Let's just say I still have a blister from these, but it was worth it.
Central Park in front of the ice skating rink. 

          What made this night extra great was after we were done ice skating we went over to Steve's for yummy hot chocolate.  Before I moved here I was not a hot chocolate fan and I could count on one hand how many times I have had in my lifetime because it wasn't my favorite, but now it is growing on me. 

         Everyone is bundled up! It was a pretty cold day and I didn't want to freeze my butt off.  On the subway going to and from work the heat is usually on and there is so many bodies on the trains that I roast and I hate it, so I try to wear the least amount of winter clothing I can when I go out.  For this excursion it was the exception because I knew I would be outside for a long period of time.

        For ice skating I bundled myself up and wore a warm coat, tights underneath my jeans, socks and gloves.  All I needed was ear muffs and I would look like most of the people here who think that when it gets a little chilly they need to where ten layers.

          The rink played music while we were skating and it was interesting to listen to what is on the radio nowadays.   It is weird not recognizing any of the songs that I was listening to and as I tried to figure out who the artists were yea couldn't do it! I am so out of the loop.   

          I loved ice skating it was so much fun and I need to go more often.  People here really don't go outside if it snows I don't understand why.  Transportation is underground so it isn't like they have to drive in it which is what I hate doing.  You do have to walk outside in the cold, but that isn't too bad.

          I went to the post office while it was still snowing and it was deserted there was only four people in front of me instead of the usual ten.  Yet, it still took me forty-five minutes to get my package... Got to love having to go to the stupid post office when you have a package that is bigger than four by four inches!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Max Brenner for the BIG 25!

Brittnee turned 25 this year!  She is a quarter of a century, but we aren't going to talk about that because I am right behind her. :)

 Steve being Steve.
 I decided we should go to Max Brenner for Brittnee's birthday.  She has wanted to go since we moved here and I have been twice and she has been ZERO.  I didn't even know about it until she said something about it so it isn't fair that I have been and she hasn't.  It is also the perfect place to go for a birthday because they have yummy dessert!

 I think we were all getting a little sugar high and we weren't playing with our food just our utensils!!! Nothing wrong with that!


 My YUMMY white cholocate strawberry shake....soooo good and look at the weird cup thingy.  Why babies and cats? I don't get it and those really aren't my favorite things.  I am sure they aren't random, but I don't understand the significance.

Enough dessert for TWO!  I liked this one you get pretty much everything to try.  I especially like the fondue it is just fun to dip stuff in melted chocolate.

 The whole gang!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Broadway - Follies

Brittnee and I went to see Follies on Broadway.  The show is ending and Brittnee wanted to see Bernadette Peters who plays Sally, so we went to see the show as part of her Birthday week.  The show is at the Marriott Hotel and was inside the hotel on the second floor which confused my little brain when I first got there and was trying to find an entrance, but don't worry I found it eventually.  

 I had no idea what this show was about when I walked into the theater and I was a little confused.  The whole theater was covered in cloth with scaffolding/planks everywhere to make it look like a run down theater.  I thought they were doing renovations or something like that, but no it is part of the show.  
The show is about a theater that is about to be demolished and the Follies was performed there.  The Follies was a show done in the 1940's with showgirls and the present show that we are watching is taking place in 1971.  There is a reunion going on thirty years after the Follies ended and all the showgirls are getting together for a reunion before the theater is turned into a parking lot.  While everyone is reminiscing about their past on the stage their younger selves were roaming the stage.  The main characters are pretty much thinking about their lives when they were younger and how they really haven't done much with them and how crappy their relationships turned out. 

The show was depressing and made me hope that when I am older and if I ever go to a reunion for whatever reason that I don't have as many regrets as they did.  The young showgirls walking around aimlessly were a little creepy and distracting, but their outfits were gorgeous.  All the outfits were stunning and the instrumental music was beautiful.  The conductor also looked like Malfoy from the back and he was fun to watch during the show.  I didn't dislike it, but it wasn't my favorite either.  I just don't think I was the right demographic for it, but I am glad that Brittnee was able to see Bernadette.

Sunday, January 1, 2012