Thursday, January 19, 2012

Broadway - Follies

Brittnee and I went to see Follies on Broadway.  The show is ending and Brittnee wanted to see Bernadette Peters who plays Sally, so we went to see the show as part of her Birthday week.  The show is at the Marriott Hotel and was inside the hotel on the second floor which confused my little brain when I first got there and was trying to find an entrance, but don't worry I found it eventually.  

 I had no idea what this show was about when I walked into the theater and I was a little confused.  The whole theater was covered in cloth with scaffolding/planks everywhere to make it look like a run down theater.  I thought they were doing renovations or something like that, but no it is part of the show.  
The show is about a theater that is about to be demolished and the Follies was performed there.  The Follies was a show done in the 1940's with showgirls and the present show that we are watching is taking place in 1971.  There is a reunion going on thirty years after the Follies ended and all the showgirls are getting together for a reunion before the theater is turned into a parking lot.  While everyone is reminiscing about their past on the stage their younger selves were roaming the stage.  The main characters are pretty much thinking about their lives when they were younger and how they really haven't done much with them and how crappy their relationships turned out. 

The show was depressing and made me hope that when I am older and if I ever go to a reunion for whatever reason that I don't have as many regrets as they did.  The young showgirls walking around aimlessly were a little creepy and distracting, but their outfits were gorgeous.  All the outfits were stunning and the instrumental music was beautiful.  The conductor also looked like Malfoy from the back and he was fun to watch during the show.  I didn't dislike it, but it wasn't my favorite either.  I just don't think I was the right demographic for it, but I am glad that Brittnee was able to see Bernadette.

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