Sunday, February 19, 2012

Knicks (won) vs. Jazz (lost)

I finally made it Madison Square Garden and it only took me two and a half years.  What is wrong with me!    The funny part is I had to go to a basketball game to see it.  I am not really a basketball fan.  The only time I seem to go is when I am with Brittnee.  I actually don't mind going to games once and awhile I just can't watch them on TV it is torture.  Especially basketball these players are pansies when it comes to getting hurt!     

Guy who is starring in Rent right now singing the national anthem.  He wasn't the greatest, but who cares.   The half time was great though.  They had these thirty to forty year old women who are on a dance team or something like that and they did a little number for us.  They were really good and I was very impressed.  I would rather watch them than the cheerleaders any day!

 I really like how the seats are set up in MSG.  They are more out rather than up if that makes any sense.  So, it really doesn't matter where you are in the place you have a good seat and the actually seats have cushions even the ones we had in the nose bleed section which was great. 

The game would have been good if the Jazz could have made a shot. I don't even think they made one out of three shots it was brutal to watch.  Three pointers for the Jazz were non existent and we would have done ok because we only had a 15 pt loss throughout most of the game, but they just couldn't make any shots so we could never get ahead.  It was still a good game. I am glad I went.

Of course they had football players on because the NY Giants won the Superbowl... They are so full of 
Me, Alexia, Josh and Brittnee

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Opera - Aida

I love the Lincoln Center and the MET they are like going to Disneyland to me!  This opera was a drama (aka the main characters die usually in each others arms or one lives and the other has to live their life without their true love...)  When I go to opera's I really need to remember not to read the ending when I get the program because it just depresses me early into the program.  One of these days I will learn my lesson. 

This place is huge! We had amazing seats.  I just don't think eighth row from the front can ever be topped.
It's snowing! I have almost forgotten what snow looks like.  I wouldn't even call this a winter.  I think we are still in fall.

Aida, an Ethiopian princess, is captured and brought into slavery in Egypt. A military commander, Radames, struggles to choose between his love for her and his loyalty to the Pharaoh.  
The set of this show was seriously insane. There were three intermissions and two of them were thirty minutes, so this opera was four hours long. 
The sets were at least three to four stories high.  I just couldn't believe it and they had horses on stage. Really visually appealing as well as there use of all the extras that they had on stage.  They played an active role in the show rather than just standing by the side lines being in the chorus.
The amazing Stephanie Blythe was one of the leads and her voice is flawless.  I could have listened to her the the whole time.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Opera - Barber of Seville

I love the Opera.  I know most people don't find it enjoyable, but it is so powerful and these people have an amazing talent that they are sharing especially at the MET this is the best of the best!  So, if you have never seen one don't knock it until you at least go to one.

Yes, I am really that close and I loved being able to see the characters up close and personal especially for a comedy, so you can see their expressions.  I could totally get use to these awesome seats...I am spoiled. 
The opera was in Italian, so this little screen was my interpreter.

I love this place. SO GORGEOUS!
I saw the comedy Barber of Seville which premiered in 1816 and the show lasted a little over three hours (which is short in opera terms).  I enjoyed seeing something different from the normal somber, depressing ones I usually see and end up a basket case at the end (which isn't a bad thing it means I enjoyed it enough to get emotionally involved).

We had amazing seats! Our seats are between $200-$300 depending on the show.  My friend came into town this week and she spent three hours waiting in line to get us these great seats and all I had to do was show up.  Not going to lie it was great!  The show was simple and fun and just nice to see people enjoying what they do and being able to share that talent with me.

It is about Count Almaviva who falls in love with Rosina and of course there is another man involved Rosina's guardian Dr. Bartolo.  She of course wants the Count not an old doctor.  What does a barber have to do with the show you ask??  Well, he is the one who hatches the plan to get them together and yes he really is a barber.  Let's just say he is a jack of all traits when persuaded with gold.

I enjoyed Figaro (the barber) and Dr. Bartolo voices, but the Count was ok.  Rosina was great and entertaining to watch. She reminded me a petulant teenager when she doesn't get her way which I loved because she did it so well.  I just wouldn't want her to be my daughter with that attitude.

 The Count singing to his love who won't come to the balcony (because she isn't there)...

Everyone taking bow. I really enjoyed the costumes and it reminded me of Pirates of the Caribbean (and of course Orlando Bloom he is a HOT pirate).  I know this is random, but the main soprano was a red head in the show and they put her in a gorgeous pink dress, but everyone knows red heads shouldn't wear pink! Yes, that is the first thought that came into my head when I saw her green would've been a much better choice.  Just my opinion though.