Saturday, February 11, 2012

Opera - Aida

I love the Lincoln Center and the MET they are like going to Disneyland to me!  This opera was a drama (aka the main characters die usually in each others arms or one lives and the other has to live their life without their true love...)  When I go to opera's I really need to remember not to read the ending when I get the program because it just depresses me early into the program.  One of these days I will learn my lesson. 

This place is huge! We had amazing seats.  I just don't think eighth row from the front can ever be topped.
It's snowing! I have almost forgotten what snow looks like.  I wouldn't even call this a winter.  I think we are still in fall.

Aida, an Ethiopian princess, is captured and brought into slavery in Egypt. A military commander, Radames, struggles to choose between his love for her and his loyalty to the Pharaoh.  
The set of this show was seriously insane. There were three intermissions and two of them were thirty minutes, so this opera was four hours long. 
The sets were at least three to four stories high.  I just couldn't believe it and they had horses on stage. Really visually appealing as well as there use of all the extras that they had on stage.  They played an active role in the show rather than just standing by the side lines being in the chorus.
The amazing Stephanie Blythe was one of the leads and her voice is flawless.  I could have listened to her the the whole time.

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