Sunday, February 19, 2012

Knicks (won) vs. Jazz (lost)

I finally made it Madison Square Garden and it only took me two and a half years.  What is wrong with me!    The funny part is I had to go to a basketball game to see it.  I am not really a basketball fan.  The only time I seem to go is when I am with Brittnee.  I actually don't mind going to games once and awhile I just can't watch them on TV it is torture.  Especially basketball these players are pansies when it comes to getting hurt!     

Guy who is starring in Rent right now singing the national anthem.  He wasn't the greatest, but who cares.   The half time was great though.  They had these thirty to forty year old women who are on a dance team or something like that and they did a little number for us.  They were really good and I was very impressed.  I would rather watch them than the cheerleaders any day!

 I really like how the seats are set up in MSG.  They are more out rather than up if that makes any sense.  So, it really doesn't matter where you are in the place you have a good seat and the actually seats have cushions even the ones we had in the nose bleed section which was great. 

The game would have been good if the Jazz could have made a shot. I don't even think they made one out of three shots it was brutal to watch.  Three pointers for the Jazz were non existent and we would have done ok because we only had a 15 pt loss throughout most of the game, but they just couldn't make any shots so we could never get ahead.  It was still a good game. I am glad I went.

Of course they had football players on because the NY Giants won the Superbowl... They are so full of 
Me, Alexia, Josh and Brittnee

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