Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Washington, D.C. - Capitol Building & Library of Congress

This was the third time that I have been to D.C.  One of the things that I love about this place is that it doesn't matter how many times you have gone you can always find something you haven't done before.  I hadn't been to the Capitol Building and I was able to get the last ticket of the day for Saturday. Lucky me!  It is hard to see just from pictures how massive this place is but trust me it is LARGE!

 The construction of the Capitol Building started in 1793 and was completed in 1800.  Amazing I know, how people were able to construct this beautiful structure without the help of all the things we can't live without nowadays.  

 One of the two State statutes for Utah.  No clue who this guy is, but still pretty cool!  Each state gets to pick two for show.  The other one for Utah is Brigham Young no surprise there.

 The gorgeous ceiling of the dome. 
 Guess who!?!

 Poor guy I would not want my office near all of these tourists.  Me included. 

The Library of Congress. 

 I also haven't been to the Library of Congress. National Treasure... :)  You actual can't go into the library which makes sense, but you can view it surrounded by I am sure soundproof class so people can have peace and quiet while they are in there. 

 Ceiling of the library. 

I love D.C.'s architecture it is truly gorgeous wherever you go, but hot you can tell by how red I am. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Washington, D.C.

 The Washington Monument is under construction still because of the earthquake that happened in 2011.  I think it looks cool, but now with the construction of the reflecting pool done they need to get this done!

We spent some time in this gorgeous building/museum.  I love how things are free here it is really nice and you can take pictures! Which I love of course.  

I chair or couch maybe? Still cool though. 

 This dress is made out of glass.  It is pretty impressive. 

 Glass spinning wheel. Sleeping Beauty needs to wear the glass dress and spin some thread on this!

 Coolest thing ever! It is a grandfather clock covered with a sheet or is it...

 You have to take a really good look at this to see that the sheet is in fact wood.  If I didn't read the plaque I would think this is strange way to show a clock.  Really creative.

 This building was massive. 

 This one not so much.  This place is still tiny to me. Hollywood made my expectations of this unrealistic for some reason and made this place appear larger than it really is.

 WW2 Memorial one of my favorites. 

Look who it is North Carolina!! I was in the car/bus for 16 hours getting from there and back, but it was worth it. 

The new and still dirty reflecting pool.  I guess you can't have everything.

Lincoln Memorial

 MLK Memorial

 Honestly I am not sure about how I feel about this memorial.  It isn't that I don't really dislike it I just think it should have been more literal because I am completely lost about what this has to do with anything.  The memorial is also not really in the best place and off the beaten path which is lame!

Jefferson Memorial

Sunday, July 7, 2013

North Carolina - Duke University - Sarah P. Duke Gardens

 I tagged along with my friend Nicole over the 4th of July holiday and we had a great adventure!! I have never been to North Carolina and it is gorgeous and yes very humid.  My hair went beautifully curly though, so that was a plus! 

We went to Duke University's Sarah P. Duke Gardens which is very large and so peaceful. 

 I loved this bridge and how much it stood out among all the plants. 

 Naughty girl playing with the plants, but she looked adorable while doing it. 

There was lots of bridges.  Everything was so picturesque.