Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Yesterday was hot and humid with lots of rain towards the end of the day.  I think most of the storm hit NYC while we were sleeping.  I know that I went to bed with it raining and I woke up to it raining and I don't believe it let up much throughout the night.  Most of today has been the wind I can hear it still going and it hasn't let up since the rain stopped around 9 this morning.  

All I have to say is that I am grateful I was not in the worst of the hurricane.  I don't care how much hype there was about it and how it didn't meet New Yorkers expectations.  Eleven people have lost their lives because of the storm and I don't know why anyone would wish that it would have been as bad as all the news stations were predicting.   We should all be grateful that God let us slide on this one.  I do not believe that NYC would have been able to handle such a massive hurricane.  There is eight million people in a 12 mile radius that heavily relies on power and transportation for most of our needs and without access to bridges and tunnel we would be pretty much left on our own. We are also very stubborn and do not listen when people are trying to help us.  I saw people this morning walking their dogs, on a bike ride and driving who knows where... Something struck me as wrong with this picture. We were told to stay inside it isn't hard to do you can go out tomorrow or the next day, but no they want to keep their routines and it feels like these people are purposely being defiant to prove that nothing is wrong.
The view outside right now.

Why do people always want to push the limits?  I have been through quite a few storms in my 2 years here bad weather really isn't a rare occurrence and NY is obsessed with weather.  I have decided that there is two types of New Yorkers the people that are overly cautious and the ones that aren't cautious at all.  People here are either obsessed with making sure they know what the weather will be like each day and do not make plans without checking it first and there is those that do what they want when they want no matter if there is rain, snow, hurricane, wind or sunshine.  There really needs to be a balance because if this storm was as bad as people first thought a lot of people could have lost their lives because they didn't want to follow the rules.

I do not have a TV/cable so that was not a fun way to get through a storm.  I was pretty much left with only my thoughts to occupy myself and thinking about what was going on around me.  Yes, I have the internet and I kept a visual on the hurricane tracker, but that is not the same.  I really had no idea what was going on throughout most of the last three days.  My family keep me updated on throughout some of the storm, but it isn't the same.  On the news they just seem to show the worse of everything.  You hear about the flooding, the people dying, the trees falling on houses.  The news wants to draw you in so they show you the stuff they want you to see to keep you watching.  That is what made yesterday the hardest part for me.  It was knowing that things are bad, but I can't see for myself how bad I just have to rely on other people to interpret what they deem necessary for me to know.
Wind is picking up!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Two Year Anniversary

 I have been in New York for two years! I came to New York two years ago to be a nanny to three wonderful girls in Harrison. One of the best years of my life! 

Now I am in the city in this huge building...and waiting for a hurricane to come.  Do you think this building can handle it? I hope it can!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


 Matthew Bomer was filming near where I work today!!  I had to go to the post office this morning for work and I saw all these lights and people and so I knew they were filming something.  I finally saw someone carrying chairs with White Collar written on them and I sort of started to freak out. 

 I LOVE White Collar and Matthew Bomer he is like my husband in a different life or I guess in my dreams.  This morning though I didn't realize they were filming the whole day!  I just saw them packing up stuff, so I thought they were done for the day.  I ended up having to go to the post office towards the end of the day and low and behold he was like ten feet in front of me! 

My life is now complete.  I wish I could of stalked some more but I had to get back to work... Maybe they will be filming there tomorrow.  One can dream!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Another roommate bites the dust...

Kristen was my roommate for three months and she went back to Colorado to get married!

 So, I got another one while Brittnee is away.  Janice lived with me for two weeks while she finished up her internship.  We had a going away party for her on Friday.  Of course that night there was a major rain storm so everyone was delayed because the trains were down.  Once the trains started running again the party was able to start! 
 This lovely puddle went up to my knee and I was pretty much soaked head to toe when I got home.
 This month we have had 11 inches of rain and on average we get 4 in the month of August...

For some reason towards the end we ended up in a circle not sure why, but we had a lot interesting conversation topics start in this circle...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sony Wonder Technology Lab

 Went to another birthday party!  We started out first at the Sony Wonder Technology Lab which is free.  I have never heard of it, but it is an interesting place.  You get to log in and have a digital profile throughout the lab. 

 The evolution of telephones. 

 Can you see me now?
 Technology just keeps on going forward no turning back!  Look at the Nintendo! That one brings back memories... oh the good old days.
Attempting to play tennis.  You could also can build your own race track or perform heart surgery.  It is interesting and of course there is a Sony store near the lab so you can buy their products.   

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Museum of Natural History

My friend Nikki turned 25 this month and for her birthday party she had a scavenger hunt in the Museum of Natural History.  

There were four groups and each had three to four people in them and I got to be in the birthday girls group.  We had an hour and a half to find thirty things ranging from finding the most ferocious lizard to finding what you would weigh on Saturn. 

 Waiting in line to get tickets!  I was really excited I have never been so this was my first chance to see the museum and I was very impressed! There is so much to see and I can't wait until I can come some random day in the Winter when most of the tourists are gone and just explore.
 Dinosaurs.... they are huge and so weird looking to be honest.
 Aztec Sun Stone
 I kind of was obsessed with turtles during our adventures.  There were so many and I couldn't get enough.  They are so cute and some of them are HUGE!
Touching a rock older than earth.

 This is something that we had to find on the scavenger hunt and it is a Chinese Wedding Chair and very beautiful.  These women have never met their husbands and will most likely never see their families again once they get married.  I will pass on that tradition.
 My favorite part was where all the gems and stones were as well as the space area.  I love bling and I find space fascinating.  There is so much too learn and I need to visit more often to broaden my horizons.
 HUGE tree

Hug a meteorite....check!
Waiting for the last group to show up.  We went through every floor and I swear almost every exhibit in a short amount of time and it was really fun and exhausting!  Such a fun birthday party....only in NYC!

Friday, August 12, 2011


I went to see Memphis with my friend Alexia.  I know a couple of people that have seen it and enjoyed it so I was excited to go.  I love seeing shows and I haven't seen enough of them, so I am playing catch up before winter comes and I start my hibernation.

 We were front row and I loved it.  It was so cool to be that close.  You could see behind the scenes and watch the actors facial expressions.  Best of all you got to see them sweat (which they did a lot).  

Memphis is about a white DJ who wants to change the world in the 1950's and a black singer who wants to make it big.  The show chronicles how they meet and their journey through the tumultuous times between the whites and blacks during that time period. 

This was the last scene in the show and those outfits were really bright.  The ending was too realistic for me and wasn't one that you would expect, so that was the only thing I would only say about it that wasn't my favorite.  

 We stayed after to see if we could get any of the actors autographs and I was able to get a few of them! Which I really like because you never know they may become famous one day.

This is Huey the lead in the show.  He was the understudy, but I thought he did a great job and is pretty cute...  and I can't wait to see another show!
Too many shows so little time.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mary Poppins

I went to Mary Poppins! I honestly haven't seen the movie in a long time. That turned out to be a good thing though because the show actually surprised me at some parts because I had forgotten what happened.  Disney just isn't the same anymore.  I want more classics!
  I wish I could fly...
Waiting for the show to start!
The lovely Janice and I.  She is my second roommate for the summer.
This is the house of the family, but they had an actual one on the stage that they would use that was really cool and huge! The sets on the shows I have seen have been amazing and have become one of my favorite things to see when I see a show.  I just can't imagine what they will so next!
The set was the best part, but I couldn't get any good pictures because of the lighting.  Since I was a nanny for a year I honestly can't believe I haven't seen this show before now.  If only everything could be solved with a spoon full of sugar :)

Mary Poppins is flying!!
The whole show was very entertaining... they had people flying across the audience, people tap dancing on the ceiling and statues that could talk and walk.  It was very well done and it was great for adults as well as children.  The two children in the show were cute and fit the part...I wish I had that kind of talent at that age!