Thursday, August 18, 2011

Museum of Natural History

My friend Nikki turned 25 this month and for her birthday party she had a scavenger hunt in the Museum of Natural History.  

There were four groups and each had three to four people in them and I got to be in the birthday girls group.  We had an hour and a half to find thirty things ranging from finding the most ferocious lizard to finding what you would weigh on Saturn. 

 Waiting in line to get tickets!  I was really excited I have never been so this was my first chance to see the museum and I was very impressed! There is so much to see and I can't wait until I can come some random day in the Winter when most of the tourists are gone and just explore.
 Dinosaurs.... they are huge and so weird looking to be honest.
 Aztec Sun Stone
 I kind of was obsessed with turtles during our adventures.  There were so many and I couldn't get enough.  They are so cute and some of them are HUGE!
Touching a rock older than earth.

 This is something that we had to find on the scavenger hunt and it is a Chinese Wedding Chair and very beautiful.  These women have never met their husbands and will most likely never see their families again once they get married.  I will pass on that tradition.
 My favorite part was where all the gems and stones were as well as the space area.  I love bling and I find space fascinating.  There is so much too learn and I need to visit more often to broaden my horizons.
 HUGE tree

Hug a meteorite....check!
Waiting for the last group to show up.  We went through every floor and I swear almost every exhibit in a short amount of time and it was really fun and exhausting!  Such a fun birthday party....only in NYC!

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