Friday, April 29, 2011

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying


Brittnee, Rachel, and I saw How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying with Daniel Radcliffe. He is amazing and the show is great as well I highly recommend. The show was very funny and the cast worked so well together and kept me laughing throughout the whole thing. The outfits were also great to look at and so colorful! The set was very fun and interactive.  

Show is about to start! I was like a kid in a candy store couldn't wait for it to start, but didn't want it to end.  Now I have Harry Potter to look forward to!!!

I was able to get John Larroquette autograph. He was really nice and signed a lot of Playbills and he did a really great job on his Broadway debut!
 There was so many people waiting for him to come out and most of these people didn't even get to see him at least I got a glimpse.  I wasn't able to get his autograph because I wasn't close enough and he didn't stay out long signing autographs.
One of the reasons I love New York is because of the celebrities. Brittnee say Miranda Crosgrove from iCarly in the bathroom during intermission and I saw Julianna Margulies on my way to the theater. She was all dressed up and on her way to the premier of a play next door.

 I really loved the show and I am so glad that I went to see him. I will never forget this day and he is such a great performer. I hope he does more shows, so I will be able to see him when Harry Potter ends. He sings, dances, and acts what more could you want! Isn't he adorable!?! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Divine Comedy/Harvard Sailing Team

  We got to go see Divine Comedy and the Harvard Sailing Team downtown at The Pit. I have heard of Divine Comedy and have watched some of their youtube videos so I knew who they were, but I have never heard of the Harvard Sailing Team before so I was excited to go see them. They are are known for their youtube video Boys Will Be Girls....SO FUNNY because it is so true.

This is the Harvard crew there was only six performing, but they were very entertaining and I am glad that I went. I really liked watching them perform I thought that the skits were very different and the funniest one was a very simple concept about a puppy that they made hilarious and I really couldn't stop laughing. I won't try to explain why I thought it was funny you just had to be there I guess.
Everyone waiting for the show to start!

 Divine Comedy
 Funniest skit they did. I couldn't stop laughing the guy who played the angel made the whole thing.

The whole Divine Comedy gang!

 Harvard Sailing Team

 West Side Story skit so random and funny. I will give them props for creativity and the randomness of their skits. The whole time though I kept on wondering what their major's were...random I know. I hope I am able to see them again!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


We went to Madagascar at Radio City yesterday... I know random. I haven't even seen the movie, but I thought it would be cute and entertaining to go to. We were also able to get the tickets for cheap, so that worked in the show's favor. I love cheap entertainment. 

This is right before the show was about to start. When we sat down there was about 20 minutes before the show was about to start and really no one was in their seats they were all in the lobby. When the show was about to start in 10 minutes everyone was still pretty much still in the lobby and 5 minutes before it was about to start everyone decided it was a good time to sit down. Got to love NY standard time!
Laffy Taffy's are very hard to find in NYC you have to go to a candy store and buy them for way more than they are worth if you want some, but sometimes they are so worth it!

 The show was cute and very child friendly. I wish I had someone young that I could of gone to the show with. I think they would of enjoyed it. The little kid next to me whenever the animals would be singing he would start jumping up and down and clapping. Even though I am pretty sure he had no idea what was going on he still knew when and how to rock out to the music.

 The set had a lot of vibrant colors and was very simple and didn't try to overwhelm you with all the cool special effects that are possible to do now. It was just simple and got the story across. They were very creative with how they interpreted different scenes to make them interactive for children. I loved how they did the boat scene I wasn't able to get a picture because the scene was too dark, but it was my favorite part of the show. I am glad I went and watching this made me want to see the movie!

Rachel, Brittnee, and me!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Muffins from Maine...

Some of Brittnee's family came to visit us in October of last year. They went on a cruise and stayed with us a couple of days. The cruise took them through Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Maine. While in Maine, Kim got Brittnee some muffins and jam....random I know when I think of Maine muffins don't automatically come to mind.  A couple weeks after her parents had left I was gone for the weekend and when I came home I noticed that Brittnee had been baking (a weekly occurrence so nothing new there). She had made muffins and they were gone. Didn't think much of it until she mentioned that she had looked online to see if she could buy them because they were so delicious, but they were too expensive so she didn't buy any at the time.

Brittnee seriously bought a box of muffins from Maine they were on sale so she couldn't resist... Betty Crocker you are not good enough anymore only Maine's muffins will do. I honestly can't wait to try one. I hope they live up to their name because with Brittnee they have a customer for life especially when it involves baking. She even got this cute little jar of peach jam with her purchase.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Selling New York

 I was downtown and walked past this Real Estate office with all of these listings. I just thought I would look to see the price range of some of the apartments and where they are at. Well...let's just say I was a little shocked you really don't a lot for you money if you ask me, but obviously people with money don't agree with me and are willing to spend this kind of money. 

 After I had looked at the listings I was looking through the glass to look inside the office because everyone was gone and I noticed that on the glass it said something about HGTV. Selling New York is a show about real estate in NYC and people looking to buy these outrageously priced apartments.

One bath one bedroom $850,000 at 73rd and 105W
 2 bedrooms 2.5 bath 1,819 sq ft 3.7 million 141 Fifth Ave
232 W 15th Street 6 bedrooms 5.5 bath 11 million

3 bedrooms 2.5 baths 1,820 sq feet 2 million at 150 W 26th St.

135 W 58th Street 3 bedrooms 2.5 bath 3.9 million

Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's party time!!

My lovely friend Irasema turned 24 on the 10th of April and in celebration we had a party! The cake is german chocolate from Magnolia's Bakery. It was really good. I haven't had german chocolate cake in awhile so I didn't know what to expect, but it was really good and didn't last long. 

Getting ready to blow out her candles! 

See those little balloons in the background....well do you know how hard it is to find balloons in NYC? Well it was almost impossible especially trying to find somewhere close. I did find a place and went all the way down there to find that it was closed...permanently, so as I was walking to the subway I saw this toy store and went in it and what did I see BALLOONS! I love when that happens, but sadly the balloons didn't last a day. I got them on Saturday and by the next morning they were on the floor. Moral of the story....if it takes you forever to find balloons don't leave them in front of a window on a hot day because they won't last long.

Everyone sort of migrated to the kitchen I don't know why, but that seemed to be the place to be. 

I loved having lots of people over. It started at 5 and ended at 10 by the time most of the people had left and at the peak there was almost 20 people and I can't wait to have another one. Next time there will be more than dessert though we will have actual food as well, so I won't past out after having nothing but sugar all day. 

Karene eating six Oreo middles at once.

Can't wait for the next party! We had lots of interesting conversations and I can't wait for more.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

So many yummy places to eat!

Baked by Melissa is one of my favorite little places it is so cute and makes me smile every time I go there. This was one place that was on my list to go because I haven't been in almost six months. The reason I love these cupcakes is because they are so tiny! We bought 25 of them and shared because it was cheaper that way. Don't they look yummy... trust me they are.

We stopped in Little Italy to eat after SOHO and we ate at La Nonna. I highly recommend if you are in the area. Very good food, great atmosphere, and reasonable prices. This was probably one of the cheapest places we ate and one of the best. Can't beat that. 

Of course we went to SERENDIPITY! After waiting for an hour and a half in the freezing cold :) The door behind Susan is one of the hobbit bathrooms I call them that because they are TINY!

My mom's HUGE sundae so yummy. 

Tom's Restaurant is famous because of Seinfeld. Inside they have memorabilia from the show and it is just a cute little diner that is near Columbia that we stopped to have breakfast at. 

This was the line for Grimaldi's no joke it is way out the door. We only had to wait 30 minutes because we had a larger party and they fill every seat in the Pizzeria so it is better to have a large number rather than a smaller one if you want to get seated quickly.

This pizza was so good  I could of eaten it all by myself!

We stopped for Ice Cream by the Pier.

Dylan's Candy Bar near Serendipity. I always get a large bag of Apple licorice, so that it can hold me over for a couple of days but I usually eat it all in a day maybe two if I am lucky. Best place to waste a lot of money.

 Of course we ate more than at these places, but these were the ones that I documented with pictures and were worth mentioning. 
We saw this mini cooper limo on our way to Serendipity from Dylan's Candy Bar. I didn't realize it was pink until I took a picture of it. The poor guy that has to drive this!