Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Divine Comedy/Harvard Sailing Team

  We got to go see Divine Comedy and the Harvard Sailing Team downtown at The Pit. I have heard of Divine Comedy and have watched some of their youtube videos so I knew who they were, but I have never heard of the Harvard Sailing Team before so I was excited to go see them. They are are known for their youtube video Boys Will Be Girls....SO FUNNY because it is so true.

This is the Harvard crew there was only six performing, but they were very entertaining and I am glad that I went. I really liked watching them perform I thought that the skits were very different and the funniest one was a very simple concept about a puppy that they made hilarious and I really couldn't stop laughing. I won't try to explain why I thought it was funny you just had to be there I guess.
Everyone waiting for the show to start!

 Divine Comedy
 Funniest skit they did. I couldn't stop laughing the guy who played the angel made the whole thing.

The whole Divine Comedy gang!

 Harvard Sailing Team

 West Side Story skit so random and funny. I will give them props for creativity and the randomness of their skits. The whole time though I kept on wondering what their major's were...random I know. I hope I am able to see them again!

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