Monday, March 12, 2012

Metropolitan Museum of Art

I went to the MET because I haven't been since I first got here a couple of years ago and so this was long overdue. I love this place.  It reminds me of a castle and has so much history inside of it.

The Egyptian part of the museum is one of my favorites.  They have so much stuff it is amazing! I just sat by the water for a couple of minutes and enjoyed the gorgeous view.

Gorgeous Faberge Eggs

 Modern art area had the blue chair and is probably one of my least favorite parts.  I will never understand modern art and they had a purple and pink Dyson vacuum on display need I say more.  The picture on the top right is a painting about the seven deadly sins and gave them a twist.  This picture is of jealously.  I guess it is showing how jealously can eat away at us or something?  I am not good at interpreting art, but this was my favorite painting from that collection.  I don't know why it just was.  Not sure what the picture of the rail thin people is about, but I liked it anyway.

BLUE, BLUE and MORE BLUE.  I swear that is the only color that people used when decorating even now.  I guess it is timeless and I will never be able to get away from it, so I need to get over my aversion to it.  Maybe one day.
I saw this when I was leaving and I LOVE IT because it is so true!

 Salvador Dali - The Ear Of The Sistine Madonna, 1958
I have always loved Salvador Dali's work and this is one of my new favorites of his.  I love how he uses circles like he did in the Galatea of the Spheres which is another I love. 

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