Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yankee Game

 Brittnee is not a fan of the Yankees, but you can't live in NY and not go to a game even if you don't like them so I dragged her to one.  You just need to go to see the stadium they have made it look like Colosseum and it is massive. A total waste of money in my opinion, but at least the Yankees do well and can afford this stadium unlike most teams. 

 It was suppose to rain while we were at the game and I am glad that it didn't that would not have been fun.
Game is about to start!  We left after the seventh inning because the game was snooooze. Seriously that is one problem with baseball too long and the Yankees scored in the first inning and then nothing......... after that the Rays got 3 or 4 home runs after we left. Seriously!

 Why are all these people looking ridiculous you ask!?! Well...

 They are trying to get on the big screen because the game was so boring they needed to do something to keep themselves entertained.

The Rays also have a lot of cute players! Anyone want to go to Florida to look at the scenery :)

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