Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fire Island

I went to Fire Island in Long Island on Labor Day it took us about two hours to get there on three types of transportation and lets say it was quite an interesting day!

We took the subway than these really cool trains that have an upstairs and downstairs! 

Next, we had the ferry ride which I really enjoyed.  The breeze was nice and I haven't been on a boat in awhile so it was nice to just relax and enjoy my surroundings for thirty minutes.

We arrived!  There is a light house there and I have never been to one before so we decided to take a trek down to it...and it was a lot farther away than it looks especially when you are walking in sand to get there.
Almost there...
We made it!
So pretty and it is a lot bigger than I pictured it.  Lighthouses are so interesting to me because they have been around for so many years and still are used. 
Brittnee and I outside the lighthouse.
They had a museum in the house outside the lighthouse.  We didn't go up to the top because it cost seven bucks, but eventually I will make the plunge and spend the money to go up to the top and look at the view.
Hurricane takes huge toll...
 This is the first Order Fresnel Lens from 1858. It weighs 4 tons and the height of the lens is 8 and a half feet and cost $15,000 to make. 

Naked side of the beach!
We saw this a little too late. It made the day very interesting and I wish that 40-60 year old men did not feel the need to be naked it just isn't right!
Our spot on the beach.  We had a lot of space to ourselves because we were so close to the naked people!

His wonderful sandcastle....not sure what it is though.
I LOVE MATTHEW BOMER!!!!!!!  The beach is always fun and I am glad I went.  The weather wasn't too hot either so that was nice and there were a lot of clouds so of course like an idiot I didn't wear a lot of sunscreen and well I am peeling like crazy and it is soooo annoying! I will never learn.

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