Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve Dinner

Christmas has been the same every year in our family since I can remember.  Every year everyone goes to my grandparents house.  We all gather and have dinner (so nice to have food I didn't have to make).  It was the first time I have seen most of my family since Christmas last year and let's just say that everyone is getting taller than me!

Mav is 15, I am 24, Madison is 15 and Brady is 14 the oldest is the shortest!  This is the year of growth for my cousins and I am still short.

  My camera sucks so my Aunt let me use her camera and I was the official photographer for the evening.  I tried to get a picture of everyone or most of the people in the family.  No one else takes pictures in my family, so I had to take pictures of them so I don't forget what they look like!

 Cute tobby and her brother Boston

 Kim and Danny and my granparents George and Diane

                 There is 15 grandkids and these are some of the youngest ones.

My sister Kenzie and Fluffy

The young ins.
Yea, some people don't like me taking pictures and they just won't smile!  They will thank me though when they are old and ugly and want a cute picture of them being young!

Zac and Shelly
 Tobby is my twin when you see pictures of us when we are younger we look so much a like the only way to tell us apart is to see what decade the decor is!  Wow that makes me feel old.

Cami and Broc
 Kenzie and I
 Madison and Brittnee

 What a cute picture!

 My cute mommy and fluffy!

All the cousins... we are all getting so old.

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Cambria said...

I love that picture of Titan with Sean! Also love the classic photo of Titan making a funny face. Would you mind emailing me or Broc the photo's you took that we are in so I can add them to our 2011 photobook? You got some really cute ones, especially of Titan!