Thursday, May 5, 2011

Book Signing - Cassandra Clare

 I am a nerd just putting that out there and because I live in NY I get to do nerdy things like go to book signings for Cassandra Clare! These are the two books I had her sign. You had to buy a book to get a ticket to get in line, so I bought her new book City of Fallen Angels and brought with me Clockwork Angel. Now I have two signed books from her! GO ME! I need to go to book signings more often I don't think about them, but it is cool to see the different people that read the books you enjoy and how everyone is so different. Let's just say the crowd for this author is very eclectic and I will leave it at that :)  

 There was two other authors at the book signing Lauren DeStefano and Holly Black. I haven't heard of either of them, but Holly Black is popular and Lauren DeStefano is a first time author that just came out with her first book.

She read an excerpt from the Clockwork Prince from the Internal Devices series which comes out in the fall and is the sequel to Clockwork Angel which I really enjoyed!

 Rachel as we wait to get our books signed!
 It took three hours to get an autograph, but it was worth it.

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