Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bronx Zoo

There is only one word to describe this lovely trip to the Zoo and that is HOT! We seriously went to the Zoo on the hottest day of the year so far no joke. I can't believe we didn't collapse of heat stroke because it was that hot I was not a pretty sight by the end of the day putting it mildly. Thankfully the Zoo is covered by trees or we would of found the nearest air conditioned building and stay there the entire day.

 These are the weirdest animals and boy do they stink and right when you enter the Zoo you are greeted by these lovely things. You can even ride one of them if you want to pay for it, but why you would want to do that is beyond me. They were probably loving this hot weather!

 Weirdest animals I have ever seen.
 Cute giraffes in a line! Giraffes and elephants are my favorite. 
 That creature is a RAT! I seriously was almost hyberventaliting because it is so big. Let's just say I am ok with my little mouse compared to this.
 And more lovely rats they had a whole exhibit on them... I don't understand why they think people want to look at these ugly things especially when we know they are roaming who knows where near us!

 We rode the carosuel it was really fun and relaxing because there was a breeze so we were able to cool down for about two seconds before we had to go out in the heat again.
 This is a python and it was HUGE! A lot bigger than the Anaconda. I seriously don't think I could live anywhere near these things.
 A lovely crocodile...
 Why do they have to have all these creepy ugly things at the Zoo. I wouldn't mind a Panda or something that is cute to look at. I don't think that is too much to ask for.

 These two are funny. They know how to work it and they look so comfortable just chillin on their logs. They certainly have no desire to entertain.
 He was giving us the silent treatment... I did learn that his polar bear wifey had cancer so she was euthanized on Friday. Maybe because it was hot and he was missing his woman he was giving us attitude so I will let it slide this time.
I was really excited to see the butterflies until we entered the green house and it made outside feel cool, so we didn't stay very long and see all the pretty butterflies because they wouldn't hold still long enough for me to get a decent picture!
 Very bright!
 She is the oldest penguin and gave birth last year to the youngest one they have at the zoo. She was funny and pretty much stayed in that position the whole time we were there maybe she was trying to cool off or something.
 Waiting for the peguins to come out.
The last thing we saw was the penguins being fed. They are very cute and tiny. Makes me want to watch Happy Feet.

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