Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Catch Me If You Can

Suzy and I were able to get cheap tickets to see Catch Me If You Can even though it was Tony week. I love seeing plays and I was excited to see this one because I heard it was good. 

Show is about to start!

A cool thing about the show is that the orchestra is on the stage instead of being in a pit where no one can see them.

The lead who plays Frank is HOT, but the lead who played the detective wasn't my favorite and I wish he was in it less because than I would of liked it more. The set is very simplistic which I actually liked, but the women in the show weren't really dressed during the entire show. That put me off because it made the show feel like something that you would see in Vegas and if I wanted to see scantly clad women I would go to Vegas. Overall, the show just didn't meet my expectations maybe they were just too high.

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