Tuesday, November 22, 2011

9/11 Twin Towers Memorial

 The Parker's are in town and today we went to the 9/11 Memorial for the Twin Towers.  It sure did take a long time to build, but it is GORGEOUS and worth the wait. 

 Let's just say after you wait in line it is like Fort Knox before you actually are able to go into the memorial.  We had our tickets checked four times and had to go through metal detectors and all of our items got scanned like they do at the airport.
 This is the where the South Tower use to be.
 This the foreground you can see one of the buildings that is being built that is going to surround the memorial...there will be four in all.  

The building in the background is going to be the 9/11 museum.  Which isn't done yet, but will be next year.
 The pools are gorgeous and I think a great idea to show how large these building were.  The pools are also very deep you can't tell from the pictures but they are AWESOME and I want one in my backyard.

The display of the names is the very heart of the MEMORIAL. The design of the names parapet provides a direct relationship between the visitor, the names, and the water, allowing for a feeling of quiet reverence between the visitor and the Memorial.  At night, light shines up through the voids created by each letter of a name.
Breaks my heart...

 There is nearly 3,000 names of the men, women, and children killed in the attacks of September 11, 2001 and February 26, 1993 are inscribed on bronze parapets surrounding the twin Memorial pools. 

If you are going to NYC anytime soon I would recommend going to see the memorial!  It is pretty easy to get tickets you just need to get them in advance.

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