Saturday, November 12, 2011


 So apparently 11.11.11 is a big deal...  Who would have thought.  This gave us a reason to have a party!
This is the only year that if you add your year of birth with how old you are that it will add up to 111. 


 We all got some type of glow in the dark toy.  There were glasses, toys, and wands.  The glasses were made for kids so they barely fit my head.  I look ridiculous and a little like Harry Potter, but with cooler glasses.

 We also had a lot of pennies and we had to look for ones with our year of birth so that we had double wishing powers.

 We also played Mafia and our narrator did a great job with the stories he made up.  He came up with some interesting ways to kill people :)

 Alexia with hot glow in the dark sunglasses.  Which is kind of funny because sunglasses are made for the sun and glow in the dark is for the night... You can't have both at the same time.

At 11:11PM we all made a wish in the dark with our glow in the dark toys an did a little sword fighting afterwards as well.

We were getting a little crazy by the end of the night.

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kaseymichelle said...

YES! The pennies made the blog. Success.