Saturday, July 14, 2012

Boat Ride - Zephyr

 Brooklyn Bridge

 I got a Groupon a long time ago that I seriously forgot about, but for some reason remembered that I had.  I thought I might as well use it before I forget I had it again.  My friend Laura and I made a trip downtown to to wait at the pier for our boat to come. I didn't really have any expectations and that is the best way I have decided to go into things. I end up really enjoying myself!

This was our quite large and nice boat that we got to enjoy ourselves on.  The best part was our tour guide he was very interesting to listen to and had a lot of facts about the little that I knew and some that I didn't, so that was fun to listen to while I enjoyed a nice relaxing boat ride.

Enjoying the breeze on another humid day.  Thankfully the sun didn't make its appearance until we had departed the boat or we would have baked. Poor tourists I don't know how they do it.

STUNNING! I am in love with this picture.  I work in the building with the orange square in the middle of the building on the left side that is facing Battery Park.

 Hello almost tallest building!!!! You are looking gorgeous.  I think they are putting all the glass so when all the building are up they can look at each other and admire how gorgeous they are :)

 I love the large clock on the left even though it looks quite small compared to the building.

This beauty was built in 1889 and was a railroad terminal.  Over 10 million immigrants came through here to enter our country.  I love the architecture.  Our conductor believes it looks Canadian and there isn't anything like this somewhere else in Manhattan, so he considers it very unique.

 I really enjoyed Ellis Island when I saw it.  I need to go again because the last time I was there was almost three years ago.  I am certainly not going in the Summer though!  I see the lines every morning to get on the ferry....they are insanely long.  You either get there early or don't waste your time with it because you will literally be waiting for hours to get on.


It has been awhile since I have been this close to it to the SOL.  I work near Battery Park, so I see it everyday from afar.  I don't appreciate sometimes how cool this lady is and what a feat it was to get her here.  The first time I saw it I was surprised about how small it was and I guess I haven't really gotten over that until now.  She is so lovely.

 The Statue of Liberty and I.  We are both matching and wearing green!

I LOVE NYC!!!!!!

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