Saturday, July 7, 2012

Coney Island

 Last weekend I went to Coney Island in Brooklyn.  This is the first time I have been here and I have almost lived here for three years! I have been missing out and will have to go again when it isn't as hot. 

 I wonder where the name Luna came from it seems kind of random.

 The Cyclone turned 85 years old while we were there.  This ride is old and rickety.  It is amazing I survived the ride (seriously).  The White Roller Coaster at Lagoon has nothing on this ride. 

The cost of admission was 25 cents all those years ago.  To celebrate you could ride the roller coaster for that affordable price of 25 cents while we were there instead of the inflated price of $8.  Which is how much it costs now, yes you read that right $8 for a ride that lasts a minute. 

 Steve did a lovely drawing for the Cyclone's card.

 Waiting in line to get on the Cyclone!!
Enjoying the lovely signs while waiting in line for the ride.  Good cheap entertainment. 

 A picture of a picture.

 I want a birthday cake this big for my birthday and have some lifeguards jump out of it!!!! Yea, I like that idea.
 I am up there!!! This ride is awesome and so much better than the swing ride at Lagoon. 

 Coming down from our lovely swing ride.  The breeze was the best part.

 THE WONDER WHEEL at the affordable price of $6 a ride...

 Getting excited to go on the Ferris Wheel. 

Our cage.

 The lovely views from our cage.

 By the Wonder Wheel there was an awesome arcade that we played at for awhile.  So much fun and reminded me a Nickel Cade sadly these games weren't a Nickel.  Steve and I raced cars and he only beat me barely.  I am little rusty and my driving skills were horrible.  I left a lot of destruction in my path. 

Nikki hit the jackpot!
After the arcade we headed over to busy Nathan's to get a hot dog (I got a corn dog) and then we headed to the beach!

 I love this picture!  Enjoying the nice HOT beach. 

 Last, but certainly not least.  The reason people go to the beach, well the reason I go to the beach.  To enjoy the view :)

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