Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oasis of the Seas

I had the wonderful experience of going on another cruise! Only time I seem to be able to get out of the United States.  We sailed on the Oasis of the Seas the largest cruise liner out there.  This ship cost 1.4 billion dollars I just can't imagine that sum of money and how long it will take them to make that money back.

This ship is seriously massive.  There is 20 floors, but floor 13 was absent. I wonder why...  There is over 2,000 crew that work on the ship 1 for every 3 guests and our ship was booked so there was 6 thousand guests.

Empty so weird not to see any people because there is always people around with how many people are on this ship. One of the things I didn't like about being on the biggest ship is that it just means more cabins so more people and you can definitely tell there is a lot of people on this ship especially when they are loading people on and off and using the elevators.

  There was four ships that were are travel buddies. SO MANY PEOPLE!!

"Central Park" according to the Oasis of the Seas

In the back of the ship, there is two rock climbing walls, a diving pool and zip line.
While we were sailing some of the other ships that would dock near us at the ports we would see near as we were cruising.  It is really cool to see all these huge ships and that seem so small when compared to the vastness of the ocean.

 Dining hall it was gorgeous! 

Our ship was HUGE compared to the other ones. 

The ocean is so beautiful. I love cruises so relaxing. I bet I slept more in the week of the cruise than I do in a month sometimes!

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It's nice to your pics and feelings.