Saturday, January 12, 2013

Boat House in Central Park

Today my roommate her fiance and I went to the Boathouse in Central Park.  I love this place I have been on the boats by the lake but haven't had the chance to eat here yet.  I can't believe I have waited this long to try it out!  They were only serving Brunch today, but it was seriously delicious and we ate everything that was on the table.   I love the inside of the restaurant it is very simple and the view is gorgeous!

 Janice got eggs benedict with salmon it was so pretty looking!

 Ryan had the french toast and that was really good as well.  I think anything on the menu would have been good. 

 Ryan and Janice

                         I had fish and chips because I was feeling very royal and wanted something British.   I have never had it before and it was really good!  Best part about this place and my number one thing that I want to happen when I go out to eat is to keep my water full and it never was empty for long so this place gets an A in my book. 

  We walked around the park and I loved this bench. 

I love NYC dining!

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