Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Newport Mansions

I have always been obsessed with gorgeous things such as castle and large houses.  I am not even sure what brought about my love of all things expensive and ornate.  One of my dreams is to see real castles especially in Loire Valley, so hopefully one day I will get there!  Until then I can always head up to Newport for gorgeous mansions!

 I laughed at this sign, but it kind of made me nervous that they had to have a signs like this all around...

 You can view the inside of the houses you just can't take pictures.  I was on my best behavior and did not take one picture of the inside (it almost killed me) of the houses we went in.  They have five houses open right now and once the busy season starts all of them will be open to tour.  The Breakers which is the main attraction takes about 45 minutes to tour with the self tour it is that large!!

 The gorgeous backside of the Breakers. 
 The view is stunning.   I could have stayed out here all day.  Beside the fact that it was windy and a little cold the weather was beautiful and I could not have asked for a more gorgeous sky!

 The Marble House and the inside is literally all marble. 

 The tea house in the backyard of the Elms. 

 The Elms.  The outside of this place is gorgeous and I love all the statues. 

 I have such great friends!! Devin, Aja, Ben and Steve

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