Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Iceland March 2014 - Exploring Reykjavik

The flights to Iceland are all at the same time and they leave at 9pm and you get in between 6-7am and it took about 30-45 minutes to get to the hotel. Iceland is 4 to 5 hours ahead depending on the time of year and, so when we arrived it was really 2/3am in our minds and we couldn't get into our hotel room until 2PM! That was a little crazy and I didn't sleep much on the plane per usual.  

Because we had so much time we explored Reykjavik we went to this church called Hallgrimskirkja. It is the largest church in Iceland and the sixth largest architectural structure. Iceland is not NYC that is for sure no tall skyscrapers. This church looks really big in pictures, but it is a little bit bigger than the ones you see in NYC.  This church became our landmark when we were driving around trying to find how to get back to our hotel because it was really close to it. 

A picture of the church without the morning fog. 

Cute town!

Reykjavik is right next to the water, so we took a walk around the pier. 

This is the Harpa (concert hall). I wish I could have gone to an opera here that would have been awesome! Such a cool and interesting building. It looks like it could blend into the water. 

Loved it here. The buildings are minimal and pretty much just squares. I feel like Iceland doesn't feel the need to go crazy on architecture designs probably because they want you to focus on the gorgeous scenery! 

Food is really expensive here and I live in NYC, so that is saying something.  It was my roommates birthday the day we got in, so we splurged and went to a nice restaurant! 

Do I look exhausted? I was trust me and this was with a two hour nap. It was a great way to end the day. 

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