Thursday, April 10, 2014

Iceland - Waterfalls

One thing I loved about Iceland was the waterfalls. I seriously could look at them all day! In iicelandic foss means waterfall. 

 Gullfoss Waterfall!

 Where there are waterfalls there are rainbows!

View from above.

 So much water!

 I loved the color of this water and it really did look like this. None of these pictures needed a filter because Iceland is that pretty!

 Ahhh! Almost there. You can see this one from the road. 

 Seljalandsfoss Waterfall!

 This waterfall is really pretty and I bet during the Summer the runoff for the waterfall is even more than in the Winter. You can go behind the waterfall, but because it is so cold it is mostly ice so I was slipping and sliding and didn't last long behind it. 

Right next to Seljalandsfoss are two other smaller waterfalls.


 Skogafoss Waterfall!

 I really enjoyed this waterfall it is truly breathtaking and so powerful! You can go up the path on the left (which we did) and they have a ledge with a fence and you can peer out and see the waterfall from the top and the landscape that surrounds it. This one is really close to the ocean, so you get two views for the price of one!

Iceland really is a pot of gold. This is one place I never really thought about going, but then I saw all the pretty pictures and I made the split decision to go and I am sure glad I did. 

View from the top of the stairs. It is quite a trek. 

 Double rainbows showed up a couple of time at this waterfall. 

 View of the waterfall from above. 

 Waterfalls are everywhere! We would be driving along and see a lot from the road and they are in people's backyards! How crazy is that! Also, it took me awhile, but what is missing from Iceland's landscape? There are no trees! I rarely saw a tree and if I did you could tell it was planted on purpose and not there naturally kind of crazy. 

 Seriously these things are everywhere!

If you love waterfalls you would love Iceland. They are such a natural beauty and I sometimes miss this kind of stuff living in NYC. You forget how gorgeous many countries are without any help from us. 

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