Monday, April 14, 2014

Iceland - TAKE A DRIVE WITH ME - Scenery

 I guess Iceland is known for their weathering changing a lot within a short amount of time and boy is that true! It was a little crazy and scary, but worth it because of how gorgeous the landscape is. 

 That is a lake frozen over. When you look at the landscape it is hard to tell the water from just the normal landscape, but when you look at the GPS we were always near water if felt like.

 Major snow storm! The weather was very unpredictable and in this picture I could at least see the road when were driving, but trust me after this I couldn't even see five feet in front of me and I certainly couldn't see any of the road! Thankfully they have the yellow poles or I would have ended up in a ditch.

 We went to a Geyser! So cool.


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