Thursday, May 1, 2014

Iceland - Blue Lagoon

 The Blue Lagoon is seriously in the middle of nowhere, but the drive there was sure gorgeous!

There are small geothermal pools around the spa and it is so picturesque. 

 The inside the spa is really nice and clean. It is worth the money!
So much fun and such a great experience. This was my first time being at a spa and I quite enjoyed it! The water was heavenly. Even though it was cold outside once you got into the water it was so relaxing. 

They have little bowls around the pool where you can get some mud and make a mud mask. They also had a bar in the water where you could order drinks. When you enter they give you a little band to go over your wrist and it opens your locker and you can use it to pay for your drinks and when you leave they ring up the total. 

 If I lived near here. This would become a obsession.

The water is so blue and agaisnt the black rock with the snow! We were lucky we had such nice weather. We picked the perfect day to go and we went right before we headed to the airport, so that was a relaxing way to get ready for the plane ride home. 

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