Thursday, July 30, 2015


My friend Janice and I took a short trip to Maine for the weekend. This is the Nubble Lighthouse.

Janice and I 

We went to Maine in July thinking the weather would be nice, but a little hot and we got the exact opposite. It was 65 degrees and I didn't even bring a jacket because it was 90 degrees in NYC. Towards the end of the trip I bought a sweatshirt, but it didn't do me any good because I waited too long to buy it. 

Seals have taken over this little island. 

We took a boat tour to see some of the lighthouses. This picture was taken after I had been hit by a huge salt water wave. That was fun. :)

Such a tiny lighthouse. 

I love the architecture of the houses here. The designs are very colonial and I see that a lot in the east coast, but I feel like the houses have more character here because of it. 

I wish I could live on this island. Such nice houses! 

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Shelley said...

Looks cold but amazing!