Thursday, January 6, 2011

Being sick and snow...

The last part of my vacation in Utah was pretty uneventful to say the least. After Christmas all it seemed to do was snow and once it stopped snowing I got sick, so I really wasn't able to do much. I did see Tangled which I loved and The King's Speech which is really good as well, but you may find it boring if you don't like those kind of movies. I really enjoy Colin Firth and love to watch his movies. I was hoping that while I was in Utah I would be able to see more movies because they are cheaper, but I didn't because nothing good seems to be out.

One thing I do miss about Utah is the gorgeous sky and mountains after storms. I forgot how frequently in snows in Utah. In NY it snows, but only 4 months out of the year if that and it is very random, so sometimes you won't have snow for a really long time than get a lot at once and have the whole city shut down. I am sad that I missed the first storm of the season like I did last year as well. There isn't any snow on the ground here anymore. I would of liked to of seen how much there was.

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