Friday, January 28, 2011

A Winter Wonderland in Central Park!

 New York had a huge snow storm on Thurs. and Central Park got almost 19 inches of snow. I had lunch with some girls from the ward and headed to Central Park after that to see all the snow. While I was walking there everyone was coming out of the park with sleds adults and children. I guess it doesn't matter the age Central Park is everyone's playground here. 

All this snow is covering a lake!
Couples, children, teenagers, and adults were building snowmen everywhere.
Lots of people brought their kids to go sledding down what they consider "hills".
This cute couple were having a snow ball fight and the snow is up to their waist.

Brittnee is the smart one and got cute rain boots right when she got here. I on the other hand have rain boots, but I never wear them. They were dirt cheap and I can't stand to walk in them because they are so uncomfortable. All the snow is melting and there is puddles of water or slush everywhere! That is why most people in the winter here wear boots because there is no way of getting around these when they are on every street.

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