Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Live with Regis and Kelly... Again

Brittnee and I were able to go see Regis and Kelly again!! I called a couple of weeks ago and put my name on the list for tickets if anyone canceled. We did standby with Justin Bieber and I really didn't want to do it again. I also didn't think we would get in if we tried stand by this time because it is Josh Groban and standing outside for three hours just didn't sound appealing especially when we just did it. I got the call around 5:30PM saying that they had two tickets available because someone canceled! It was seriously the best Valentine's Day present I could get.

Regis and Kelly doing the trivia game. All I have to say is that no one can replace Regis he is seriously just a naturally funny person and I know that he will be missed when he leaves the show. During the commercials Regis and Gillman were the entertainment, so we didn't die of boredom.

The first guest was Jeff Probst the host of Survivor. All I have to say about him is that he is HOT in person. That show really plays down how hot he is with the crappy outfits and hats he has to wear.

Regis and Kelly is doing this new segment for Valentine's Day where everyday they have a different love story on. Let's just say this couple met during the Holocaust and it was a real tear jerker. I hope they win they were the cutest couple and so tiny.

My husband performed two songs! One for the show and he also sang another just the audience that was there and I was able to record both performances. He is amazing and his voice is beautiful live. I LOVE him. Brittnee pointed out to me this is the third time we have seen him since we have been here. First we went to his CD signing at Barnes & Noble and we also saw him at the tree lighting. I am a LITTLE obsessed.

He is a geek I know, but I still love him.

Performing 'If I Walk Away'

 Performing 'Galileo'

And yes I do know where he lives when he comes to NYC.

Wardrobe change...

So, we got to the ABC Studios around 7:30 and they don't let you in until 15 minutes before the show starts. Well, while we were in line they told us that they were filming two extra segments and we would need to stay an extra thirty to forty minutes. They wouldn't tell us who the guests were, but it was fun to be there for longer because the show seems so short and sweet while you are there and you just want it to last a little bit longer.

The first guest that they had on was January Jones who is in Mad Men. She was on the show promoting her new movie 'Unknown', with Liam Neeson.  After watching the clip I might actually go see this show because it looks different and might actually make me think. While watching the clip I was already trying to figure out what the twist was.

Another wardrobe change....

The last person that we were able to see was Emily Blunt. She was promoting her new movie 'Adjustment Bureau', with Matt Damon. They showed a clip of this one as well and I am more intrigued by 'Unknown' I have a feeling this one will be will be action packed which there is nothing wrong with that, but I just don't think the plot of the film will be as interesting as January Jones new movie.


Suzy said...

So you are so lucky! I just think of how I would feel if that was Kenny Chesney... I would die! You can die a happy woman!!!

Mallori said...

It was amazing. He is amazing. This is the third time I have seen him since being in the city and that is why I am here to stalk him! I can die happy after I go to Europe once that happens my life will be complete.