Monday, February 28, 2011

Noodles & Company

Went out on Saturday night to this great Chinese restaurant called Republic by Union Square. It was a pretty nice restaurant and reasonably affordable for NY standards. I haven't had good Chinese food in awhile so it was nice to go out and try something that I wouldn't normally have and I actually enjoyed it so that was a plus.

I had the Chicken Pad Thai, Brittnee had the Spicy Coconut Chicken, and Irasema had Salmon.
I am so white....I do not see the sun enough by the time it is Summer I am going to be transparent!
Brittnee trying to eat with chopsticks....she couldn't do it!

After eating we went to Rockefeller Center very random I know and not even close to Union Square. Anyway, we had lots of fun watching people ice skate.We didn't intend to stay there for almost an hour watching people, but we did. I highly recommend doing this if you are extremely bored and want to have a lot of laughs. That is one of the great things about living in NYC the people watching is AMAZING because there is such a random/unique set of people here. The ice skating rink was filled with every demographic and we tried to guess what was going on in their lives and who were couples. So much fun! Good times.

Such a poser.

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