Sunday, March 13, 2011

Staten Island Ferry

The weekend I went and did the Staten Island Ferry. It is free and the ferry comes every thirty minutes and takes you to Staten Island and back. The views from the ferry are gorgeous and we went before sunset, so I was able to get some great pictures with the Statue of Liberty in the foreground.  

South Ferry


This is a hot guy that worked on the ferry and yes I am sure he totally knew that I was trying to get a picture of him, but it was totally worth it.  
LOTS of wind...

We went here for dessert I got a cupcake and everyone else got pie. Everything was really good and I highly recommend!
After we had dessert we went to dinner at the Trailer Park Bar/Lounge....and yes the decor is everything you would find in a trailer park. There is so many great things to look at and I loved it!!
Yes....that is a trailer in the background.
Irasema, Brittnee, and Devan the only guy poor thing. By the end of the night all of the girls were a little crazy and he was a trooper and just let us drag him along to wherever we wanted to go.

Abby, Me, Alexia, Nikki

This was part of the decor and yes that is a pregnant lady in slippers having a cigarette... Lots of great stuff to look at there.

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