Sunday, March 27, 2011

Visitors have arrived....FINALLY!

My Mom, Susan, Kim and Steph came to visit my cousin and I and they pretty much took over our family room! They arrived Friday night and by night I mean my Mom, Susan, and Steph got here around 10pm and Kim got here at 12am and by the time I eventually went to sleep it was 2 in the morning!! I was a very exhausted girl they wore me out. 

Steph, Stacie, Kim if you can't tell they are sisters :) My mommy is so cute!! I love her and I want her back ASAP!

Got to love can always find very random things here and this lovely display is in the MAC store. All their stores are themed in NYC, so every time you go into one it becomes a random experience. 

 Another great thing about SOHO is that you can usually see someone famous or so I have been told. While at the Scholastic Store we saw Andrew Shue was played Billy Campell in Melrose Place (green shirt). My mom spotted him and I took this picture with my phone instead of my camera, so I wasn't too obvious about trying to get a picture of him.
Of course the people selling stuff knew they were tourists and of course they bought the pamphlets, but they were actually very informative about 9/11.

This is where the World Trade Centers were. I came here a year ago and it looks the same as it did then still under construction. You can't really see anything because it is surrounded by fencing so you can't see any of the progress that is being made on the memorial and I sure hope there is progress. I don't know when it will be done, but I am sure it will be gorgeous.
I just hope it is done in my lifetime :) 

It has been almost TEN YEARS since 9/11 happened. I still can't believe that I was 14 years old waiting in my French class for my teacher when he walks in very silent and solemn and turns on the TV... minutes later we watched as another plane hits one of the towers. I was so young and had never heard of the towers before. When we were there it is sad to see such a large empty space because in NYC no space is wasted.
Wouldn't she look GORGEOUS in this!?! Especially with the pink shoes.

So many gorgeous buildings to look at! I love Downtown.

I have seen this sculpture many times and my only thought about it was that I couldn't understand why they haven't fixed it. I learned after seeing where the World Trade Centers use to be that this piece named the "sphere" was commissioned by the owner of the World Trade Centers.  It was recovered from the rubble near the WTC's and was brought to Battery Park as a memorial for the victims of 9/11. I got all this from the pamphlets that my mother bought because she can't say no to people.

Susan is worn out as well and frozen...

A gorgeous view to end the FREEZING COLD day!

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