Sunday, July 10, 2011

4th of July

For the Fourth of July Irasema and I went to New Jersey to see the fireworks and right when we got there our first stop was Carlos Bakery aka Cake Boss of course. I went there last year with my sister and got their red velvet cupcakes and I have pretty much been thinking about them ever since.

I was excited to go again because they are truly divine the ones with cream cheese frosting seriously too die for I wish I would of gotten more!

 So many boats they have the right idea!
It was such a gorgeous day and we were really lucky that it wasn't hot because the fireworks didn't start until after nine and we got down there to sit around 6:30-7. Next year though I am going to be one of the people on the boats! I was totally eying the one on the right for next year :) I think it is a great idea now I just need to find myself a rich man with a boat by next year and I am all set! No problem.

 Waiting for the show to start! I was really excited.

I wish I would of got more footage, but I was having to much fun watching them to think about it, but what I got is pretty good! The fireworks were over the Hudson and we had such a great view and the fireworks went on for over 20 minutes such a great show. 

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