Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MET Concert in Central Park

 I love free stuff especially when it is in gorgeous Central Park. Even though it was really and I mean really HOT AND HUMID hello Summer in NYC it was still worth waiting in line outside for a wonderful concert that the Metropolitan Opera put on. They had three opera singers two girls and one boy and they sang different pieces from different Opera's. It was really good I am glad I went I haven't been to an Opera in awhile and this made me want to see one even more!

Our group took up a lot of space and I will say that sitting for almost two hours isn't as easy as it was when I was younger I am now starting to feel my age :)

 Such cute girls!
 Ahh.... So pretty I wish someone would sing to me each night. Josh Groban preferably, but I would take this guy!

 The women singers. I think the red dress it hot! I think a cool thing about being an opera singer is being able to wear cool costumes and getting all dress up.

It was so hot I really don't know how he survived wearing the suit the entire concert.

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