Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Tree Lighting

When I learned that Josh Groban was going to be one of the performers at the Rockefeller Tree Lighting I was even more excited to go then I was in the first place. I can't remember if I have ever watch the whole thing on TV I am sure I have. Brittnee and I didn't know what time to get there so we got there at 3:00 well we were a little early. The pens (that they use for animals) were still being set up for where put everyone after you have sat in line and had a security check. The different lines correspond with a different pen that the NYPD put you in. I am sure they have it down to a science, but I seriously want to know how in the world they came up with the idea of putting us in pens and pretty much herding us like cattle into them. The problem with having Rockefeller as the venue for the performance yes I know its gorgeous, but if you are a spectator you don't actually get to see the live performance up close and personal. It is in the ice skating rink and isn't level with where they put everyone. They had huge TV's so you were able to still see the show, but its not the same.

The pens that they put us in... I wasn't joking and that is what they called them as they were herding us in.

The tree came from a family in NY and the family that donated the father was one of the firefighters that helped during 9/11. It is 74 feet tall and gorgeous when lit up! Especially with all the other trees lit up and the other Christmas decorations that they have throughout Rockefeller for this great time of year. New York really knows how to get into the holiday spirit!

Josh peforming Bells of New York City!!!

Brittnee and I had to stand for six hours straight in pretty much the same spot and it was raining when we got there and for most of the time we were there. It finally stopped when the show was about to start. By the time we were heading home my toes were frozen and I had pretty much lost circulation in my feet, so when it was over and they were herding us out of our pens I could barely walk out of there!

Since Brittnee and I got there so early we were in a pretty good area and were able to see Al Roker because one of the press platforms was near us.

When we got there Josh Groban was doing his sound check. Perfect timing!

I guess when you watch the tree lighting on TV it is only an hour, but we got to watch two hours of performances! I didn't know that I just thought it was two hours, so I guess all that standing was worth it. I really enjoyed all the performers that they had on the show. My favorite were of course Josh, Cherice, and Jackie Evanko that girl can sing!!

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