Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Every year for Christmas the whole family ends up at the grandparents house. My grandma puts up three trees each year with a huge village underneath. It is quite an undertaking every year. Instead of stockings we have boots that we have had since we were children. She now has a couple of little trees for the great grand kids she will have. Right now she has one grandchild and she bought 60 stockings...
We all eat dinner downstairs and head upstairs to open gifts! We usually end up doing the cousin gifts first. When everyone gets together for Thanksgiving all of the cousins pick names. This is usually the best part of the night because some people are able to get really creative with their gift ideas. After we have opened those gifts we open the gifts from our grandparents George and Diane. Starting with the youngest which is Titan. All of the cousins are getting older, so it is nice to have a little one around because they are the ones that are entertaining to watch.

My twelve year old cousin Macall made Taylor a Slanket for his gift. She made it herself and it had a place to put your feet and hands. The bedazzled 17 on his shirt is the number in the family that he is according to age. This is totally Taylor and the colors just crack me up. This is Macall with Fluffy the dog. She is getting to be such a cute little teenager. I can't believe over the past year how much she has grown as well.
Titan is pretty much the cutest two year old around. He knows how to count in Spanish! What two year old can do that. He was so cute opening his presents he had to look at all the boxes and talk about what he got. While everyone was opening their presents he walked around with a bag of Wheat Thins that he munched on. I am glad he was able to come and that he is such a happy child. There really isn't a lot of children left in the family, so it is nice to see him. It has been so long and he just keeps on growing! I can't believe he is two!

This morning deer were munching on the plants in the front of the house. They ran away when they saw me, but I forgot how often you see deer when it gets cold.

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