Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Radio City Rockettes

Radio City Music Hall where the Rockettes perform. I had never been here before and I was very impressed. It gorgeous and huge!! Brittnee and I were able to get buy one get one half off tickets, so we were smart and got the more expensive tickets with the better seats because they were cheap and had a great view of the show!

I was truly amazed at how high tech this show was. I would of liked to of seen it ten years ago to see how technology has changed how and what they do in the show. The first part is in 3D where Santa takes you on a sleigh ride. The wonderful thing about this was that most of the movie clip was 3D and wasn't just saying it was 3D it was very interactive and I was very entertained. This is a great show to take children...not the Ballet.

The Nativity scene that was done was beautiful. I am glad that they got to the heart of what Christmas is all about and spent a lot of time on this scene. There were also live camels and lambs on stage no joke I thought they were fake, but they were real! I want to know how they pulled that off and where they keep the animals when they aren't performing.

I loved this scene there is so much to see that you just don't know where to
look because you don't want to miss anything!!!

They did a cute scene from the Nutcracker.

The Rockettes are truly amazing. This picture is of them being soldiers.

The sets and choreography were amazing. I wish that I could see it again. This may have to become a tradition. I am glad that there is such creative people in the world, so that I can be entertained. After seeing this show I felt like it was Christmas and I am grateful for that. Being in NYC is great, but when the holidays roll around sometimes it is not the same without family.

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